Wednesday 21 March 2012


Any city that spruces up a disused crane just so I'll have something to photograph is A-OK in my books.
This is Waterfront Park in North Van, formerly the site of Burrard Shipyard and Burrard Dry Dock.
I can't even remember how I took this shot, the crane is about 50' off the ground.
Long lens I guess.


Andy said...

Cleanest crane I have seen. Most of them are covered in rusty scratches.

s.c said...

Wow. This crane looks like new. Great one Wayne.

Paul in Powell River said...

Just for you, huh, huh ...! :D

TheChieftess said...

As cranes go...I like this one!!! up close and personal!!!

Anonymous said...

I can no longer see a crane without thinking of you.

Wayne said...

Karin, my cunning plan is working. :-)