Friday 2 December 2011

7 Days A Week

Some cities employ 'pay and display' street parking (one or two machines per block).
Vancouver is still more or less in the dark ages. Parking meters line the streets.
Although it's possible to pay using cell phones I think most people 'plug the meter' with coins. 
The coins have to be collected frequently by city workers.
Some new meters may accept credit cards but I'm not up to speed on the technology.


s.c said...

Nice one. No distractions in it. Great composition .Like it

alex said...

here in Los Angeles, they've switched out all the old coin meters with new ones that also accept credit/debit. we still have "meter maids" though, since many still pay with coins.

CaT said...

hmmm. that makes me think.. i guess all meters on the streets here are coin-op