Friday 16 September 2011

Ministry of Propoganda

The guy in this shot appears to be eyeing me with something like disdain. 
It was apparently a too much effort for him to cross the street and give me grief for taking his picture.
He was probably late for a business meeting.


Andy said...

Maybe the guy thought you were a undercover cop.

Paul in Powell River said...

I'm a pedant - Ministry of Prop"a"ganda. :D

Virginia said...

Disdain huh? I get those all the time!

cj goad ~ photography said...

You do have a sense of humor Wayne. The "business meeting" thing means drug deal in that part of town.I've been to a few of those myself way back when. Your looking north from not to far from the Chinese theater. Is it still there? I see Bobskoot took you for a ride in his Corvette. Nice.

Kay L. Davies said...

Great shot, Wayne. I wouldn't hang around that part of town but I love the Ministry of Propaganda sign, and the fabulous reflection in the rear window of the vehicle.
Came across your comment on RedPat's blog, re train to Vancouver from the big TO in Oct.
I went from Edmonton to the east coast last year. Fabulous trip. Loved the east coast.
Now I need to do Edmonton-Vancouver some day, when my husband is going to Edmonton on business and I want to visit my family in White Rock and Langley. I did do Vancouver-Banff in the 80s when we had two cross-country routes. Trains are the only way to fly.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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