Saturday 17 September 2011


I don't get down to Powell Street too often but I can't resist this building when I do.


s.c said...

Looks a little desolate but a great shot. I wonder about the green color. Somebody wanted to paint the facade but give up or wanted to stop a leak? surely that is the case with the plastered corner on the right.

Virginia said...

The term "flop house" comes to mind. :)
I l ike the guy walking out of the shot.

cj goad ~ photography said...

Powell and Raymur and your looking north.When you have the time a few shots of the 1700 block Franklin would be nice. Last place I lived in Vancouver before leaving. Heritage apartment building,burned to the ground in the 90's.Sausage maker up the street(great smells of smoked meat) and potato chip, popcorn maker behind the building.