Thursday 29 September 2011

Field House

The new field house at Trillium Park.
We could use more colourful buildings in Lotusland.

I'm in NYC but due to severe internet disruptions at the hotel I don't think I'll be able to upload pics for current posts. We'll have to settle for the post already in the bag.
Things should be OK once I get to Boston tomorrow.


s.c said...

Great colors. Nice composition

CaT said...

i am curious what you will photograph in boston!

Virginia said...

Well what do you expect in NYC, way out there in the middle of nowhere like it is! Geesh!

This photo knocked me out. Whew~!

Wayne said...

Thanks for the comments.

CaT, brass bands mostly. If you come to Davis Square on Saturday afternoon or Harvard Square on Sunday afternoon you'll get a first hand look.

V. construction workers severed phone and data cables outside the hotel. There was some internet but it was slow and unreliable.

Stefan Jansson said...

Great composition.

CaT said...

oooh... let me check that!
i am going to NY for the weekend, lets see if theres something tonight.
thats too bad... (although im very much looking forward to NY)