Sunday 21 August 2011


The weather in NYC has been fine during my stay. But on Friday night a whopping great thunder storm came up as I was walking back to the hotel. 

Astor Place


Virginia said...

My first thought......C AMERA!!!!! BTW, I just bought a pack of two little camera raincoats. You need to do the same.V

Kim said...

Wow, you captured the downpour very well. Hey, I feel so at home all of the sudden. . .rain, Starbucks, street food. :-).
PS, I have a couple of those raincoats for the cams V. talks about, but I never use them, just keep the cams tucked under my arm and shoot from a sheltered spot if I can (often from the car or under an awning). The bodies on mine are supposedly weather sealed pretty well.

Wayne said...

Yeah, my camera is supposed to be weather sealed too. I don't test the limits more than necessary though,