Thursday 31 March 2011


The Skytrain on the left is the 25 year old version, t'other is the recent MKII model.
The new one may look faster but it's not. 
It is, however, roomier.


Stefan Jansson said...

How fast can they go here?

Virginia said...

OK, dumb question: Does it just go around town or does it go to other places? And how can it be roomier if it's skinnier than the old one?

Wayne said...

Steffe, it can go as fast as 90kph in spots. In this location it's going quite slow.

V. They aren't any thinner but two cars are permanently joined together which means you can walk the length of two cars. Seats are arranged differently, etc. Effectively each car is over 90 ft. long instead of about 40 ft. for the old cars. They feel much more spacious.

TheChieftess said...


jennyfreckles said...

The new one does look slimmer - optical illusion? Maybe I should study that and learn..! I thought you'd like my crane. ;-)
WV today is adorsen - seems appropriate in view of your love of machinery.

CaT said...

nice one, and so sharp!

Unknown said...


I posted a Skytrain video a while ago:

Riding the Wet Coast

Stefan Jansson said...

90kph, not bad for the inner city.

youth_in_asia said...

I'm a bit of a transit geek, so this shot made my day!