Friday 31 December 2010

Stainless Steel

I liked the pattern made by the lights in the elevator at the Portland Art Museum.
Photography was expressly prohibited so I could be busted at any time. 

!! Happy New Year !!


Virginia said...

I love it when you throw caution to the wind and flat out break the law, W! This is a gorgeous shot.

Bonne année !!!

CaT said...

thanks and happy new year as well!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

V took the words out of my southern mouth... live life to the fullest and take a risk now and then! Love this photo


Bob Crowe said...

I hate museums that prohibit photography altogether. My approach is to hold a little point-n-shoot at my hip, make sure it's silent when you press the shutter button, point it in the general direction of something and see what happens.

Just because I have a too much time on my hands, I'm starting a new one-year blog on New Year's Day,

Wayne said...

Bob, I've got two or three clandestine shots from that museum using your prescribed method.

I'll follow the new blog with interest. Glad to hear you've got so much time on your hands. I have too much time on my hands too but I won't be starting another @#$%! blog. :-)

Thanks to all for the positive comments and support through 2010.

Leeds daily photo said...

We have the same problem with museums and photography here in Yorkshire. There are quite a few that ban it altogether and a few that are perfectly happy for the photographer to promote their institution. Part of me understands the idea that in an art gallery the works are copyright of the originator or the gallery. However equally if I want to take a few shots of the interior of the building rather than just the artworks then I just do not get it.

On a different note stainless steel originated here in Yorkshire!

Kim said...

I just love it when you break the law for art's sake. Super shot, nicely seen. SAM finally called off the Nazi security guys last year and allows shooting in all but the special traveling exhibit sections. We photographed our way through every museum in Paris, small and huge, and never heard "boo" from anyone.
Hard to get a shot like this in a reflective surface, so kudos!