Monday 28 June 2010

Ted Harris Paint

The Ted Harris sign is an icon on East Hastings.

I'm no expert but I'd judge that they could stand to use a better quality of paint on it.

The motley crew is the Carnival Band (and at least one denizen of the 'hood) between sets on their way to get some grub.


Virginia said...

Yep, about 50% of that paint is off that sign!

Unknown said...

The colourful band under the paint sign, that's a great capture!

TheChieftess said...

Maybe the colorful band underneath the sign is just so colorful and full of life, the sign pales in comparison!!!

Kim said...

I really like the patina of the worn paint. That sign is wonderful. Makes the CB folks look positively garish in comparison. Oh, wait, that's the intention. I like your subtle tails rather than all the brights I guess. They do look dapper in a loud street band kind of way :-).

PS= my word verification is "rentall"