Sunday 6 June 2010

Powell St. 2

The building looks like it could be vacant but it's not.

If the image seems familiar give yourself a pat on the back. I posted a shot from a different angle taken on the same day last July.

Time flies.


jennyfreckles said...

The fire escape doesn't look much use, seeing as it stops short of the ground.

Ilse said...

A fixer-upper! Nice to see that the summer has arrived up north.

Virginia said...

Nope, no pats pour moi!

Tash said...

I love this image...the old building has lot of charisma and all the object around it (the bus and the tracks and the mountains and a bit of red) add to the photo's charm.

Kim said...

This is a seriously good image. With the intense gradient blue sky and that railroad track heading out past the bus, I would have thought this was a desert shot, not Vancouver. Of course the berry bushes would have been out of place in Arizona. . .but hey :-). I love the proportions of the building, the repeats of the windows, and the fire escape and shadows. Well seen and captured!

Oh, BTW, my word verification reads "ping one v"--whatever that might mean :-).