Saturday 19 June 2010

Bill Murray?

Maybe he's running for mayor.

The last of the Winston Ave. overpass series.

Speaking of graffiti, there is a documentary currently in theatres called 'Exit Through The Gift Shop'. I don't make a habit of hyping movies but I feel quite confident in recommending this one.


Virginia said...

I'll rant about graffiti when I get home. I don't hate the stencils however and I do love me some Bill Murray on SNL!!

OVerpass series? Where have I been?

TheChieftess said...'re in PARIS!!!!

Bill Murray looks as perplexed to find himself on the overpass as we are to see him there!!!

Wayne said...

Jet lag has apparently erased several days from your memory V.

WV. rests

Get some rests V.

Virginia said...

I"m going back and looking. I don't remember any other overpasses. I think you all are pulling my leg.