Thursday 27 May 2010

Big Bucks

A sunset shot of what have to be some of the priciest condos in town.

That doesn't mean they won't or don't leak or that they won't have other expensive repair issues.

Sooner or later (within 20 years) they all do.


Virginia said...

I see you way up there on your penthouse balcony waving at us W! Nice!!!

My WV is rustesc!!!

Anonymous said...

What do they go for?

Wayne said...

I guess it would vary but us peasants know we can't afford to live there. A large, non-penthouse with unobstructed view seems to be about $2,700,000.

Add to that a $700. monthly maintenance fee.

When these buildings develop 'envelope' problems mechanical or structural problems, it's not unusual for owner's to get hit with assessments of many thousands of dollars.

How many would you like Karin??

TheChieftess said...

WOW!!! almost 3 mil to live in a skyscraper...who'd a thunk??? YUCK!!! I need me some outdoor space just outside my door!!! (and no 3 mil!)

wv: socala...I'm a socala kind of gal!!!