Sunday 7 March 2010


I really like this shot

Heidi and I were too lazy to take the stairs to the band's
'green room' so we took the lift

As you might expect 'green rooms' rarely are but the elevator was an awesome shade of green.


Virginia said...

YOU too lazy? Awww come on. And you're right, it is a great shot. I'll bet Heidi will like it too!

TheChieftess said...

I'm greeeen with envy over how fun this shot is!!!!

Tash said...

Couldn't be better than if you planned it! Or did you? :)
Fabulous. Would be a great one for a book of portraits. R U planning one??

Wayne said...

Nope, not planned. Heidi gets all the credit. No portrait books in the works.

Thanks for the nice comments.