Thursday 18 February 2010

Zip Line Up

I've heard the wait for a free ride on the zip line can be up to 4 hours. Yikes!

You can hop in a bobsled for a photo op, no line up. But the reason I took this pic was to show off the Japanese Cherry blossoms. Welcome to February in Vancouver.

Just watch, in March or April we'll have a snow storm.


Anonymous said...

That's wierd. I have a cherry tree in my front yard and it won't bloom for a good two or three months.

So I guess this means you guys never came up to scratch and produced some white stuff?

Unknown said...


between you and my buddy Chuck in Seattle posting pictures of blooming cherry trees, the whole world knows we don't get snow here. We even had to truck in the snow for the Winter Olympics

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Virginia said...

Well what's behind the cherry blossoms? That is a gorgeous backdrop! Good one W. And come on down here. My granddaughter's have a zip line, now waiting!:)

bandit said...

An early blossoming variety?
Don't you have something like 10,000 cherry trees in the town?
I'd love to visit when they blossom, write some haiku (you have a festival, is my understanding)

Wayne said...

Bandit, I don't know the number off hand but many Vancouver streets are lined with them.