Saturday 13 February 2010

So Close

I missed the 'decisive moment' when this Polish (jacket reads POLSKA) Olympic Team member was facing the posters and holding up his camera to take a shot.

If I'd got that shot I could'a been a somebody!


Virginia said...

I thought it said Alaska. And why didn't you walk up, and in Polish ask him to do it again for your shot? I would have in a New York minute!

And BTW, the opening ceremonies were terrific. Take a bow Canada!

Anonymous said...

Why does that Canada guy remind me of something out of a Sears catalogue?

Wayne said...

V. I didn't see much of the opening ceremonies. I did see the torch, or is it cauldron?, malfunction. Makes ya proud to be a Canuck.

KB, Goofy clothes and a unnatural smile (unnatural clothes and a goofy smile?) sounds like the Sears I know. Personally, I spent most of my time flipping between the Craftsman tools and the bra section.

Virginia said...

I"ll bet you still do!

Virginia said...

AND one more thing. After the fabulous flying skiers , snowboarders etc. I didn't give a hoot about that arm that didn't work. It still lit didn't it???

Kim said...

So, why does V seem to think you speak Polish? :-)

So, are you surviving the effects on your fair city?