Friday 12 February 2010

Hang The Expense

This heavy duty tent contains an X-ray machine capable of scanning an entire bus in one go.

Every bus arriving at the curling rink gets the treatment. I have to assume that all venues have a similar facility. I suppose it's a bit of a hassle but on the plus side, the x-rays will also check passengers for cavities below the gum line. You can't say fairer than that.

I'm only guessing at the cost, $20,000., $30,000? Hell, let's say a $100,000.

This heavy duty tent, in an empty parking lot that used to be the bus station, is the Canada Pavilion.

I don't have to guess at the price, it cost $10,000,000. It was a rush job. We've known for seven years that Vancouver had 'won' the 2010 Games. The tender for the pavilion was awarded last November after about 2 weeks notice.

Yes, we're a country run by idiots.

I'm a critic of the Olympics but I want to be fair. We don't know what's inside that might justify the expense. Maybe the walls are lined with diamond encrusted gold bars. We'll have to wait and see.

The Aboriginal Pavilion sits across the street from the Canada Tent Pavilion.

No word on the cost of this but clearly an architect was employed on the project.


Virginia said...

I hope they didn't pay the "architect" much for that dome thing. And you're saying that white tent cost 10mil? Awww come on W. We couldn't even waste that much money down here!

Chuck Pefley said...

I see the shadow of the Space Needle on that dome. Glad to see Seattle is so influential -:)

November, 2009, eh? Well gee, that must have fallen between some big cracks! I don't suppose Tuesday precedes Wednesday with any sort of regularity up there in Canada, either. Right?