Thursday 11 February 2010

On A Cheerier Note

The things I see when I'm perambulating never cease to surprise me.

For no reason in particular I decided to go down to the Roundhouse (temporarily Italy House) to see what was what.

Virginia Greene has been a news story leading up to the Olympics. This morning the torch was criss-crossing the North Shore and it was Virginia's turn to run in the relay. By 1:00 she was on the plaza near her condo with her granddaughter giving anyone who wished the chance to have their picture taken with her torch.

Torch relay participants are given the opportunity to purchase their torch and I've got a hunch many took the opportunity.

These are terrible pictures. My shutter speeds were set very slow and I don't even know why.

Just one more reason LIFE magazine never calls.


Chuck Pefley said...

Love your new masthead photo ... did you do that specially for that "Southern Belle"?

Had no idea you could purchase your own torch ... another wrinkle to jumpstart the economy, no doubt, and line the Olympic pockets at the same time.

uh, Wayne ... the biggest reason that Life hasn't called is they went out of business in 2000, although the original magazine quit in 1936 and was sold to Henry Luce who wanted the name ... then published as a weekly until 1972 and as a monthly until 2000.

I suspect your phone will continue its silence ... but that's Life -:)

Wayne said...

I think the torches are $350. if the runner wants to buy it. Too rich for my blood but a bargain when you consider how much the project likely cost. Bombardier made 12000 of them. I was looking for prices and saw someone was trying to get $5000. for one on Kijiji. Not nice.

LIFE is gone???? Nobody tells me anything!! Thanks Chuck, I guess it's all down to LOOK now. ;-)

Oakland Daily Photo said...

I thought it was a saber! And couldn't figure out what it had to do with Italy. This is my brain trying to make sense out of what it sees. Scary, huh? Thanks for the clarification and for dropping by my blog.

Virginia said...

OUI he did it to drive me insane (insanerr).

Now about that torch. It looks like a boomerang or something. Was it lit? Did I miss something here??
PS I would have bought one IF I had had RUN but we all know I don't run.