Thursday 4 February 2010

The Five Ring Circus ...

... is in town now, lock stock and barrel, and they've pitched their tents on every parking lot and plaza they can find.

I probably already mentioned (I hardly ever look at my posts once they're launched into orbit) that the Athletes' Village is clamped down tight. If you do not have a government-issue hi-tech body suit in your country's colours and a carbon fibre brain bucket you won't be getting anywhere near the Athletes' Village.

This is a pretty good outlook. A view from the bridge (apologies to Arthur Miller) was also the vantage point I used in my first post. I cannot explain why I should want to draw attention to the fact that my photography hasn't improved one iota in eighteen months.

I'd like to point out two more things. 1.The police boat in top left is one of many boats patrolling 24/7 near waterfront venues. They're on the lookout for maniacal kayakers and nefarious frogmen. 2. I didn't notice when I took the pic, it's pretty far off, but it would appear the Aussies are in residence and that they're looking for a fight. I don't have a long lens so I just cropped the beejeebers out of the image.

Good luck to Oz. I don't know how they train for winter games in a country that's mostly desert and hotter than Hades.


Virginia said...

Well you are a pretty good cub reporter W. You are giving us a bird's eye view of all the festivities. I love the Aussie's banner! And I for one think your photos just get better and better.

PS My wv is tryst! Whoaaaaa :)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to enjoy your up close and personal. I suppose you'll have pictures of the opening day parade.

(I am going to dock your pay for not having a picture pre-construction)

Wayne said...

Looking on the bright side V, all the hubbub will give me something to photograph besides cranes and freighters.

Karin, grumpy photobloggers aren't permitted to attend the opening ceremonies. They can't afford to attend either.

But never fear, I'll be at a parade/protest this Sunday. Next Friday there is a protest that will possibly turn into a parade (or a riot in the worst case scenario). From the 13th to the 27th the Carnival Band is in no less than 18 parades.

That sounds crazy even to me.

Chuck Pefley said...

With that many events booked you'll certainly have access to things the common blogger wouldn't get into. Paparazzi always find some way to get into the thick of the action. We're all counting on you to show us everything the CBC misses!!

Wayne said...

It's going to be interesting Chuck. I'm surprised at how often I find myself right beside the guys from the CBC.

By the way, the Aussies have been ordered by the IOC to take down their banner. They're refusing. Let the Games begin.