Friday 26 February 2010

Break In The Clouds

Taken about 2:30, January, 20, English Bay

With luck life will return to normal next week and I can stop rummaging at the bottom of the barrel.


Kim said...

I love the abstractness of this shot. Beautiful, subtle colors.
Keep dry over the weekend, and hope you end up with some sun soon.

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

i like to see the oder part of word in the wiew of a person and not in tv or magazine...
i like your athmosphere blog

Virginia said...

Now that's pretty gorgeous. Love the brownish tones against the gray and blue. Lovely and serene. ahhhh

Chuck Pefley said...

A wonderful and tranquil change from yesterdays festivities ... bet you were just plumb tired after all that dancin', hootin' & hollerin'! Lovely, Wayne!

Wayne said...

Two more days Chuck.

So far there are only two gigs in March so life should get back to normal.

The Carnival Band and 23 other bands descend on Seattle the evening of April 9 until April 11.

Start looking for you earplugs :-)