Wednesday 6 January 2010

Park Car, etc.

More boring train photos from Melville.

The end cars on the Canadian are called Park Cars. They're named after National Parks.

This is Banff Park.

Interior of the Park Car

There aren't many opportunities to get off the train and some of the longish stops are in the middle of the night, or at least when most people hope to be asleep.

A lame attempt at a long exposure shot of the moon from the dome.

I'm away on a train trip. I don't have a lot of images in the photo barrel so posts may be sporadic and of the 'what I did on my winter vacation' variety.


Virginia said...

Cool moon shot!!

Chuck Pefley said...

Your park car looks like our dome cars with wonderful views through high into the ceiling windows. I like your moon shot, and especially the semaphore lights in the lower corner!

Wayne said...

Thanks you guys.

Vaughn said...

After checking your blog everyday, I just realized that you have to click on the title "Meandering In Lotus Land" to get the updated posts.

You got some good photos and lucky you got to travel with Fred the dog! I'll check in daily to see where you are on your trip?