Monday 7 December 2009

Another #@*&% Parade!

This should cause apoplexy in Altadena.

Syd (L), Luke (R and below)


This was the first year The Carnival Band was invited to join in the Santa Claus Parade. It's a big deal, up to 300.000 line the route bundled in toques, scarves and blankets to keep warm. Temperatures were probably below freezing with the wind chill.


Pat said...

I love a parade, and remember freezing my toes off as a kid.

Anonymous said...

I want to mention, the gentleman in photo #2 has the eyes of one who has marched in one parade too many.

Wayne said...

Nah, Luke is just concentrating, he's the smilingest guy I know.

He had good time but I think his fingers were frozen by the time the parade was over.

Maybe I'll change the photo. I don't want folks to get the wrong idea. :)