Sunday 1 November 2009

Waiting for the 41

Vancouver has lots of bus shelters. As often as not they are plunked in the middle of the sidewalk with larger than life adverts blocking visibility. But there is no guarantee of a bus shelter and you might just find yourself out in the cold and wet while you wait for the next bus.


Aimz said...

very colourful umbrellas!

Virginia said...

I like the pink plaid one W! Hope the wait wasn't long.

PS IT's hard to take a photo and hold your umbrella over the camera at the same time, huh?

Anonymous said...

Anyone else get up at 6 this morning? Do Canadians also practice this ridiculous time change business?

Wayne said...

Yeppers, Vancouver is back on PST as of today.

In Canada, only Saskatchewan (and not all of Sask.) stays on Standard Time year round. The explanation I used to get when I was a kid was it was because they were farmers. It doesn't make any sense, they aren't the only farmers in Canada, but they've stuck to their guns.