Monday 2 November 2009

Marisol (and Ian)

This shot is already past it's 'best by:' date.

On Hallowe'en the Carnival Band had a full dance card. First, the band commandeered a Skytrain car and rode the system entertaining passengers for about an hour.

Then, they marched (I'm limiting my use of 'parade' as it's causing distress in pockets of Southern California) to the Penthouse Cabaret to perform along with two other acts. One of the acts being the Voodoo Dolls burlesque troupe.

It's was way past my bedtime by the time the Voodoo Dolls took the stage so I didn't get to see them.

The Penthouse has a long, and colourful history in Vancouver.


Virginia said...

Personally I think maybe YOU are way past your "best by" date as well. Whoever heard of being too sleepy for a burlesque show Cleavage Boy???

Anonymous said...

Flip him upside Virg so we can see the "Best if used by" date.