Wednesday 23 September 2009

YVR For The Heck Of It

I don't know how it is in other cities but I never knew anyone who travelled to the airport just for something to do. Until now.

I boarded the Canada Line to YVR (sans luggage or ticket to anywhere) a couple of weeks ago. It seemed like there were lots of other idle layabouts with the same idea. I've noticed we tend to think alike.

There is a large glassed in area at Templeton Station that seems to be there for no other purpose than to give folks a panoramic view of planes on final approach. The place is crying out for a coffee bar.

Oddly, it seems to me that most of the people who'd use Templeton Station are airline employees who see airplanes every day. Although, there is a large parking lot under construction which may be slated for long-term parking.

Still awaiting some finishing touches. I doubt we're talking botanical gardens.

More likely something along these lines.

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