Monday 3 August 2009

Another Parade!!!

My job in the parade is to photograph the Carnival Band and the folks who hired us. This year we were with ForestEthics, Canopy and Greenpeace. These groups got together and built a float using an old railway baggage cart. It was 100% people powered.

Fred, Lisa and Syd (R-L) are hanging out in the shade while we wait for things to get underway. It's a long parade, about 20 city blocks. Here is an indication of just how long, the parade started at noon and our float, very near the end, didn't get under way until about 1:15.

The entire route is packed solid with enthusiastic spectators.


Ken Mac said...

serious color!

Wayne, Thanks for your prayers and support re my recent illness and successful recovery. Much appreciated!

Virginia said...

Official Parade Photographer Extroidinaire!