Tuesday 4 August 2009

Another Parade!!! part 2

These little guys probably saw more bare boobs in 2 hours than I've seen in my whole life. But I'm not bitter.

Prime vantage points are always at a premium.

So ends this year's installment of the Vancouver Pride Parade on MILL.


Virginia said...

Boob Envy, W????

Anonymous said...

Well, this was all very nice and had an actual theme, but I look forward to the Vancouver Hedge Trimming Parade on Thursday.

Wayne said...

By now I guess you two have noticed that there are only the 3 of us here.

The Hedge Trimming Parade isn't until fall KB. I thought that was common knowledge.

Thanks for showing up every day you guys.

Virginia said...

Oh my pleasure W. I am currently living at Charles de Gaulle airport trying to get on a flight. I have a day's worth of internet minutes I just bought so I can leave you endless comments. Now that's something to look forward to right??

Virginia said...

Is there really a hedge trimming parade? I thought KB was being funny but I don't know, Vancouver is a little "different"!

Wayne said...

It's probably best to assume KB is being funny until she tells you otherwise.

There isn't a Hedge Trimming Parade. Hedge trimmers and shears combined with, say.... a beer garden, sounds l like a formula for blood and gore. But I imagine the idea of a parade is a fantasy that botanical types amuse themselves with.