Monday 6 April 2009

You Saw It Here First

The Vancouver Convention Centre is more or less completed and the 'great unwashed' (a swell name for a band if you ask me) were invited to an Open House this past weekend.

It cost far too much money but I already had my rant and there is no getting around the fact that it is an impressive building if for no other reason than it's gigantic. This is the view from the main hall. It would take a real photographer to figure out how to capture the view and show a lighted interior at the same time. I went for the silhouetted look.

Plenty of B.C. lumber was used


Virginia said...

W, you know I love it when you rant! You were spot on that one though. THere's a lot of moolah tied up in that glitzy place. Sure hope it's used. At least your convention center has WINDOWS. Our has NONE, not the first one. IT's a brick monstrosity but that's not the point. You know my favorite photo today. Hands down, the boy at the window. Maybe he's pondering the parsley casseroles he'll have to eat every night!

Anonymous said...

All the issues aside, it does seem a spectacular thing with views like that! I like the silhouette of the boy taking in the glorious scene before him.

Jane Hards Photography said...

Now I'm not one to rant... Oh perlease I would be ready for six feet under if I stopped ranting. You rant away, it's good for the soul. Let's hope that this proves not to be a white elepanat swathed in cool blues. V is right about the shot of the day by the way. Now dont' make a habit of taking fabulous images or I'll have to hang up the camera.

Virginia said...

YES! YES! YES!!! B. said I'm right. That proves it! Take it to the bank, W.

Halcyon said...

What a gorgeous building! But the best part is the view - stunning!