Friday 17 April 2009


Another image from the cemetery series


Small City Scenes said...

I love cemetaries. A great place to visit but not ready to live there---yet. MB

Halcyon said...

Ha ha! You and Virgina do think alike don't you?

Wonderful shot.

And happy Friday!!

Virginia said...

As your producer/mgr, it's so heartwarming that you ask my advice...........and choose the other one! Well this one is nice too, I"ll grudgingly admit. That's some friendly neighborhood cemetery you've got there.

PJ said...

Yes, you and Virginia are on the same track. I took me a minute to understand what was so different about there urns, then I saw the lids. They add a softness to the whole scene.

Virginia said...

What's in those things????

~Cheryl said...

Hmm. Those urns are a "jarring" sight; not sure what I think. But your new header is fabulous -- awesome reflections! And your new profile? I had to look carefully to make it out, and then..... !! I do love your sense of humor.