Saturday 18 April 2009

Amtrak Cascades

Puget Sound?

I'm the first to admit that taking pictures from the train is a bit of a lost cause. However, here at MILL we aren't so flush with photos that we can afford to be too picky.

Last weekend I took the train to Seattle and back. I stopped and had a chin-wag with Chuck. Kim took me to lunch and on a tour of Pioneer Square. And I made it to some of the HONK! Fest West venues. 

The Cascades is not a long train these days but it's been full more than once when I've travelled. When the subject of the train comes up I find many people don't realize, a) it's the most hassle-free way to cross the border (the other hassle-free methods are illegal), b) the scenery is quite spectacular, and c) it's cheap like borscht.

I'll post a couple more photos from the train tomorrow.

Teddy Bear Cove, Washington


Virginia said...

Well you're right (for once), the scenery is lovely. I'm glad you got to meet some fellow bloggers as well!!!
Will you treat us to some Seattle pics as well???

Anonymous said...

Now that's great news to me. A cheap and cheerful way to travel across the border while enjoying some great scenery. Sounds good to me!

Debbie Courson Smith said...

Looks like a great trip. Trains are not an option out of my area of the world, unless you like to ride in a cattle car.