Monday 15 December 2008

The 'peg'

The train was scheduled to be in Winnipeg for 4 hours. We are late and it looks more like 45 minutes now.

Due to the lack of wifi and poor planning on the part of your truly my posts will be erratic until I get home Wednesday morning. 

I took this shot from the dining car about 0630 yesterday in Capreol, Ontario.

It's been cold of course. No one has accurate temperature info when we stop and everything is affected by wind chill but it's rumoured to be -45ÂșC in Winnipeg at the moment. I took a walk around the station and it's cold alright. 


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. I was in Helsinki last week where it was -5 or somesuch overnight, and I was complaining! Hope you have a great trip and get back safely.

Virginia said...

-45C? W, that's insane. I don't mean to rub it in but I went out for lunch and had on a sweatshirt and a scarf. I got a little warm! I hope Vancouver is better when you get home. Brrrr. the top photo made me cold just looking at it. I am having a Wisconsin flashback!