Wednesday 10 December 2008

Laneway housing

The subject of laneway housing comes up frequently in Vancouver. Building small houses or apartments adjacent to the lane is seen as a way to address density and affordability. There are some examples like this around but I don't think they have become the general practice yet. 

I wish I knew what this heritage building looked like before it was converted into two apartments in a Strathcona alley. 

I'm on a train trip to Toronto but I'll be checking in whenever I have internet access. Back 12/16/08


istanbuldailyphoto said...

This household small but here need to live. And be happy enough.

Laurie Allee said...

I'm weird but I like small houses. I've lived in them for so long, I think I'd feel weird and vulnerable if I had more space. (I certainly wouldn't want to CLEAN more space.)

This looks like it should be a setting for an Albee or O'Neill play. Or maybe Miller. Something mid 20th century with a resident alcoholic and perhaps a divorced older woman.