Friday 3 October 2008

Winding Down

Farmer's Markets in the Great White North are in the home stretch. I know the Riley Park Market is on each Wednesday until October 22. 

There are some markets held indoors through the winter. I've never been to one but I imagine there are lots of handmade scarves and mittens on sale. And chocolates.

Due to Adult Content concerns I was unable to show the large Bad Girl's Chocolates sign. Until now I haven't tried their chocolates but I notice, on their website, that they feature caramels. I just love caramel. I intend to start a collection of their labels.

Trivia Question:

Technically it isn't a trivia question because I don't know the answer. If anyone does I suspect they will be my age or older. I think the character was from a TV series. I thought it was The Roy Rogers Show but I can't find any references. 

Does anyone recall who Aloysius was? 


Benjamin Madison said...

How about Deputy Marshal Aloysius 'Jingles' P. Jones on the Wild Bill Hickok show?

Anyone as old as this needs to stick to the carrots and avoid the caramels. Sorry, but someone needs to tell you this. Don't even look at the labels.

Clueless in Boston said...

Forget the carrots, I say go with the Bad Girls. I looked at their site and who wouldn't want to eat one of those Bad Girls. Remember good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere else.

USelaine said...

Well I looked at a couple of the girls, and it all seems like another day at the park to me, but I live in California.

I didn't know the Deputy Marshal, but I remember Sheriff John, who shilled DiMaggio Carrots With The Orange Twist Top in between cartoons.

Wayne said...

Even though Benjamin has utterly deflated me vis a vis Bad Girls Pin Ups he has put me on the right track in terms of ancient TV Trivia.

If I'd known how to spell Aloysius I may have had better success in the first place. I thought I remembered this name from the Roy Rogers Show and I thought it was the name given to the character played by Pat Brady. Who remembers, Whoa!, Nellie Belle, Whoa!?

With the correct spelling and trusty Google I discovered that Pat's full name was Patrick Aloysius Brady. Even though and other sites make no mention I have to believe that in at least one episode Pat Brady was referred to as Aloysius and Al.

Now will everyone please declare their real ages.

Any one ever have a Roy Rogers lunch box? I had metal lunch boxes but I don't remember who was featured on them. I had a Davy Crockett hat and six shooter cap pistols in leather holsters. The simple times.

Thanks Benjamin.

Virginia said...

Whew, I want to go on record that I had NO clue who Aloysius was. I am such a young thing you know. As for the Bad Girls, Wayne, yesterday it was tight skirts and cleavage, today it's Bad GIRls, what are we gonna do with you????? I checked out the site as fast as my finger could click and I MUST have those turtles. My favorite candy int he whole world. I also have a site you will enjoy if you like that one. Hope you have email.
PS Don't get all revved up, it's harmless.

USelaine said...

Well, unlike some of the bashful folk around here, my age is announced on my profile page. 6^)

The only lunchbox I remember having was lavender, with cartoons of Twiggy all around. I don't think I was a huge Twiggy fan, but it was the only purple one to be found at the time of purchase.

Laurie Allee said...

I'm 44, baby! Still not old enough to rememeber where Aloysius came from -- but old enough to have remembered that it came from a show slightly before my time.

As for Bad Girls chocolates -- Must. Have. Them.

Oh, and I had a metal Jetsons lunch box with matching real glass thermos. I loved that thing like Gollum loved the ring. Mean girl Kelly in the 2nd grade threw my thermos at me and broke it. (From that point on, I was at war with Kelly.)

Jill said...

Hey, I sure do remember Roy and Dale, Trigger and Bullet! I wanted to marry him when I grew up. Do you remember Sky King?

Anonymous said...

Cool picture. I love our local farmers' market (it featured very early on in my blog - 3rd or 4th picture I think).

I'm trying to lose weight, so I guess I'd better just stick to the carrots and avoid the chocolate. Sadly.

Benjamin Madison said...

Let's just say I have the gold care card and you can't buy one of those except by doin' the time. I remember when I thought the Roy Rogers Saturday afternoon matinee was what made life worth living. Happy Trails to You!