Friday 24 October 2008


Oscar's Art Books is the best place to buy calendars in Vancouver. They have the best selection and probably the best prices.

I've always bought a calendar but I don't use them any more. I just use the calendar on my computer. If I buy a calendar this year it will be to have pictures to look at. 


Benjamin Madison said...

But have you weaned yourself from your wristwatch yet?

Wayne said...

Yes sir, I stopped wearing wrist watches a long time ago. There are clocks everywhere, most pay phones have them now. Besides, I have a cell phone.
I'm surprised that there are still showcases full of watches in stores like the Bay. Who buys them, and why? Jewelry I guess.

Clueless in Boston said...

SI Swimsuit makes a good calendar. Hubba hubba:)

Kitty said...

lol. I wonder how many people use calendars? They're useful in certain situations, I guess.

I don't wear a watch, either, and also use my phone. Do you find your sense of time is good? I do.

Though I keep thinking I should get a watch, just because some are nice looking. Alas, I am lazy!

Ken Mac said...

i like that you have all the people walking away from the store. neat. Good symmetry.

Debbie Courson Smith said...

I have three calendars here in my office, three computers and four monitors all listing the time, and a clock....and two's hard to relax!

Virginia said...

OK, I wear a watch and I'm proud of it! I hate a $&%* cellphone with a passion. I refuse to spend my days hunched over staring at a one. My theory, which you did not ask for, is that if people spent more time talking to the people around them instead of staring at a cell phone (looking for what???) this world would be a better place. Mine is either charging in the kitchen or dead in my car. Go ahead, call me an old fogey I can take it. Oh and back to the calendars, I buy pretty ones, usually Paris, and don't use them. I do love the photos though. Inspiration maybe???

A little morning rant always makes me feel better. Cheerio! :)

Anonymous said...

That looks like my kind of shop.

I'm the same with calendars. The last couple of years I've got the New Internationalist recipe ones, so hopefully I'll eat well from them even if I forget to look at it to remember meetings and whatnot.

I was also given a David Beckham calendar as a present, but one of the girls in my office objected so it never did go up on the wall. Shame that.

Wayne said...

Virginia, I've had many Paris calendars over the years.

The whole cellphone culture has me puzzled but mostly it just annoys me. I frequently see kids walking with them in their hands. Sometimes with an iPod in the other hand! The cell phenomenon is another factor which contributes to a society that is losing track of common courtesies.

My phone rarely rings and if I'm not somewhere I can talk privately I don't answer it.

Rant away anytime.