Saturday 25 October 2008

Cross Section

It's Public Art Day again. 

This one's a big yawn and I realize it. If, by chance, this doesn't meet your definition of art you'll have to take that up with the City of Vancouver. This is s cross section of a typical street showing the services below the road and the fixtures such as street lamps, fire hydrants, traffic signals and even trees above. 

The T-handle seen above the road surface is called a street key and it is what crews use to open or close water valves located below ground. 

The official photo gives a much better view than mine does.

Project For A Works Yard by Greg Snider
Installed: 2004

On an unrelated topic I'd like to recommend, to those not already aware of it, the DVD Playing For Change. It was featured on Bill Moyers Journal last night and you will be able to see the segment at 


Debbie Courson Smith said...

It may be strange, but I like infrastructure details. We overlook them most of them. I never think of them as art, though...

Laurie Allee said...

You're photo is no yawner -- this is great, Wayne. I love all those angles and without the explanation of what this is, I'd be left thinking a giant had started playing with elements of the city like they were Legos or Tinkertoys.

Thanks for a beautiful link to Playing for Change.

Jill said...

As one who likes to watch the History Channel's "Cities of the Underworld", I find this fascinating--not art--but interesting.

Virginia said...

wayne, I am so clueless about these things. If it not for you I would still not know what lies beneath my streets. Merci mon ami.

Hope my rant didn't ruin your day today. Sorry.