Sunday 5 October 2008

Banners #3

The United Way Campaign is in full swing. 

I was using the telephoto for this shot. If the cyclist was as close as he appears I would have dropped my camera. If I'd been more alert I would have included all of the map reader. 

Do not be deceived. The weather last week was perfect. It's been perfectly drab the last couple of days. 

I may include another shot from this walk over the bridge tomorrow. 


Anonymous said...

He does look a bit close for comfort!

Laurie Allee said...

This is such a great shot! I kinda like the cropped map reader -- action is too fast to focus on anything other than that cyclist that really does look like he is going to knock you down!

Virginia said...

I see you've abandoned further photos of the metal banners due to our continued irreverence and whacky ideas. Probably all for the best.

I applaud your daring feats jeaporadizing life and limb to catch this dude. The most daring I ever get is kneeling and not being able to get back up without help.

You're not by any chance a dwarf are you????

Wayne said...

I was looking at the banners, I didn't even see the bicyclist.

I wish I were a dwarf. Do you have any idea how much those 7 guys are worth in movie royalties and spin offs alone? Never mind what they made on the gold mine.

Jill said...

Great shot Wayne. I think the cyclist enhances the view and glad he didn't cause you to jump into the street.

Janet Kincaid said...

Nice shot, Wayne! Glad you were at a safe distance, though. That was looking a little scary there.

Lynette said...

The action frozen in this shot is superb.