Tuesday 2 September 2008

They're Back

Brock School 1911

Here's a bit of ancient history, Vancouver style. This morning, for the 97th year, the kids will be returning from summer holidays and trundling up and down the stairs at Brock School.

There are newer (relatively speaking) buildings on the property. It isn't unusual in Vancouver for the original school buildings to still be on the grounds and in daily use. This has to be a testament to quality of construction and a policy of ongoing maintenance.

One of several freshly painted Hopscotch thingies


Dido said...

The building looks in very good nick for its age! Here in Edinburgh we have a lot of Victorian (i.e. late 19th c) schools and they are a nightmare to maintain and heat!

Unknown said...

I miss jumping on the hopscotch thingy.

Ken said...

This morning I heard a giant sign of relief from all the parents with school age children:)

TeamSplashi said...

I like that building.
Looks like my military school back in BiH.


Janet Kincaid said...

Thank God for back-to-school. The neighborhood is quiet again!

I'm with Keropak Man: I miss hopscotch!

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. Apparently you keep your older schools around a lot longer than most want to keep our schools. Everyone here wants and gets new ones.

I really do like your photos.

See my Alien

Gordon said...

Fortunately some of our older school buildings have been retained as well.