Sunday 28 September 2008

More Art Deco

This building is now part of B.C. Childrens' Hospital. At the time it was built, in the '20s, it would have been one wing of a different hospital.

I'm pleased that it's been preserved. Some buildings on this site were threatened with demolition at one time but I think they are all still intact.

On my most recent visit to take some photos here I was asked not to photograph on the property. The main reason was family/patient privacy. This is not a problem as it is possible to take pictures from the street. I wouldn't have included anyone in the shot in any event.

Just between us, this pic was taken on the property. Keep it under your hats.


Sharon said...

I promise not to say a word. This is a great example of Art Deco, one of my favorite styles. I love it.

Benjamin Madison said...

I feel dirty.

Virginia said...

My lips are sealed. They couldn't dig that information out of me! I am cracking up at Ben's comment!
That is one great looking building. At first glance I thought it was brand new. Good job Vancouver of keeping your grand old ladies spiffed up.

Laurie Allee said...

You rebel, you!

This is such a gorgeous building.

Debbie Courson Smith said...

Getting into trouble as usual Wayne...but nice catch on the building.

b.c. said...

tee hee!

Kitty said...

interesting building. Very stylized.

I love Deco. This building reminds me of Otto Wagner's post office in Vienna.

neat that there's a variety of styles in Vancouver!

Wayne said...

Benjamin has raised an important point. It had not occurred to me that by posting this pic I had made everyone an accessory after the fact.

All I can say is 'that's the way the cookie crumbles'. From the reading I've done I would guess that after a speedy trial, many hours of community service and the right sort of counselling, many of you will go on to lead productive lives in your communities in spite of your criminal records.

Me, I'm leaving the country.

Jane Hards Photography said...

That's a wonderful art deco building.
Well I love be an accessory after the fcats. Of course I shall deny all knowledge of my comments. Wll done for sticking to your guns and snapping the people free building.

Unknown said...

It seems we both have choosen to post hospital shots today! :-)
I'm very fond of art deco so I like that building a lot.