Friday 12 September 2008

Expo daze

Every tourist (and more than one local) with a camera who ever came within a mile of this thing has taken a picture of it. 

I've always called it the Golf Ball, and most folks would know what I'm referring to. But I wouldn't care to be pressed into coming up with an intelligent explanation for why I call it that. It was built for Expo '86, Vancouver's big party. Most of the buildings on the Expo site were dismantled once the fair ended. Those remaining probably should be dismantled. 

Now the site and plenty more besides is slowly but surely being condo-ised, condo-ated?

These days this is Science World and also carries on as an IMAX theatre built for the fair. 

Basically, what we have here is Vancouver's equivalent to the Seattle Space Needle (thanks Kim). Only our World's Fair icon is shorter and fatter. I'm sure Chuck has some pics of the tall, slim and elegant Space Needle as well. 

I'm off galavanting. I've pre-scheduled posts until 9/15 for consistency but I'll be reading comments while I'm away. 


Laurie Allee said...

I've always called that the golf ball, too!

Lori said...

What a beautiful shot. I've visited Vancouver but I don't remember seeing this. I must have missed it. (You are going to have so many things to photograph when the Olympics come to Vancouver!)

Unknown said...

so this is Vancouver's most photographed object? hehe..

almost every city has an most photograhed object ya? ;-)

Hilda said...

I'd probably call it the golf ball too. Sure looks like one. :)

Virginia said...

Well BIrmingham has no Space Needle, no Golf Ball no.... well we do have an IMAX movie !!!!!:)

Chuck Pefley said...

Wayne, I suspect the pseudo quilting look of the exterior reminds you of the multiple dimples on the covering of a golf ball. Interesting that "science centers" with Imax theaters are still alive and well from our respective World Fairs.

And yes, NYC has always seemed somewhat less than ideal for someone with a frugal bent :)

Benjamin Madison said...

Condominated rolls smoothly off the tongue.