Thursday 11 September 2008


I can't begin to imagine what sort of expectations I created with that title but I'm sure a couple of you are slightly disappointed. 

The backside of downtown is rail yards. Many older building pictured here would have had a loading dock where boxcars could unload directly into the premises. Just out of the right side of the frame is the Canadian Pacific station, that was. These days it contains offices and serves as a transit hub. 

The walkway, seen here, is leading to the Seabus. The West Coast Express commuter train as well as the Skytrain also operate from here.

The tall unfinished building is a condo tower in the Woodward's project I mentioned a few weeks ago. 

I'm off galavanting. I've pre-scheduled posts until 9/15 for consistency but I'll be reading comments while I'm away. 


Meg said...

Yip, a wee bit disappointed.

But gallivanting sounds great. Gallivant your heart out!! See you when you get back.

Gerald (SK14) said...

enjoy your gallivanting.

Virginia said...

Yep, after Jilly's "Les Girls" and Strangetastes "Cheerleaders" I was expecting great things from you with "Backside". You are forgiven. We need to see these things about each others' cities.