Sunday 17 August 2008


We're having a heat wave. It was about 90° F again Saturday. The forecast has it all ending on Monday.

If the Canadian Fishing Company isn't the most colourful business on the waterfront I'd like to know which is. CanFisCo appears to be keeping at least one awning company in business.

I'm too embarrassed to divulge the number of pictures I've taken of this building. And I'm not done yet. It's a mild obsession. 


Lynette said...

I can understand your obsession, perfectly.

Meg said...

Pre-ty!!! I don't blame you. And the palettes, I've tried those, too, at the apple packing plant, but haven't gotten anything nice yet.

Jane Hards Photography said...

Now that is eye catching. 90f. W just got a bucketfull of cold rain.