Wednesday 13 August 2008


It looks like the Hotel Georgia is getting spruced up. This is part of a project which will see a honking great tower go up beside the hotel. 

I came along at just the right time I think. My guess is there'll be a scrim covering all the scaffolding soon.


Lori said...

Hi Wayne, thanks for visiting my blog. I didn't know there was a Vancouver daily photo. You live in such a beautiful city! I'm glad to be able to see it in your photos!

Wayne said...

For a while we weren't well served. At the moment there are two of us. You can also visit Vancouver Daily Photo by Barbara.

Thanks Lori. Keep up the great work.

Erik W. Laursen said...

What a cool shot! It just jumped out at me and I had to find out more. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

That is a really cool shot - the patterns are so striking, and filling the whole frame was a great move!


Barbara Rahal said...

What a great shot Wayne, I was walking by it yesterday with a coffe in my hands and just look at it and passed by!!! You got it so good! CONGRATS!! LOVE IT!!!!!

Im gonna snap it now to have a awesome record..thanks for the inspiration!