Wednesday 20 August 2008


As promised, here is Vancouver's first title holder of 'tallest building in the British Empire'. The Dominion building held the title until the World Tower came along.

On the corner is an entrance to a stairway leading to the basement. All the time I was growing up there was a restaurant called Honey Dew down there. I was always intrigued, I guess I thought there was something exotic or mysterious about a restaurant below ground.

I told this chap I might use this pic and gave him the web address but I didn't ask his name. I'll never make it as a journalist. 

Architect: J.S. Heyler
Completed: 1910


Barbara Rahal said...

OHH WAYNE!! Awesome!!! Those are my favorites buildings in Vancouver of all times!!! ohhh great way to show them as well!!! Superb!! I am showing a bit more of contemporary architectures right now, way to go man...YEAH!!!!!

Debbie Courson Smith said...

Actually, you are doing this just like a journalist - I'm one. Names aren't important unless they're politicians in a scandal, Hollywood stars, or your neighbor :)

Anonymous said...

I hope the painter gets to see this picture and enjoy his 15 minutes of fame!


Unknown said...

Great building! I really like it as well as the one on the previous post.

Sharon said...

What a grand old building. I love it's wedge shape.