Thursday 21 August 2008


On Tuesday I headed for Vanier Park in Kitsilano (most people pronounce it kits eh line oh). It's an indian word meaning, 'no houses under a million dollars'. Everyone knows it as Kits.

Heading for the Vancouver Archives I had to pass the Bard on the Beach site. Bard has been going strong for years. Alas and alack, I've never really taken to Shakespeare. It's several years since I've been to a play here. On my last visit they had opened the tent flap behind the stage so that the audience could watch the sun set on English Bay at the same time they watched the play. 

The weather looks particularly bleak in this shot. It never really rained and brightened later in the day. The show goes on regardless.

Attractions and buildings located in the park include the Planetarium/Vancouver Museum, the Vancouver Academy of Music, the observatory, the Vancouver Archives and the Vancouver Maritime Museum and Heritage Dock. 

My destination was the Vancouver Archives where I poked around for an hour or so. Among other things, using old directories, I was able to look up the various addresses of my parents and grandparents back to before my mother was born in 1919.  


Unknown said...

Very interesting research... on a very interesting place.

Jill said...

Hi Wayne, thanks for the visit. I look forward to browsing your postings.

Laurie Allee said...

This is so interesting!

Clueless in Boston said...

We have Indian words like that in Boston too, only they're said with a Brahmin accent.

The Bard on the Beach sounds wonderful; wish I lived closer so I could see a few plays.