Tuesday 12 August 2008

Country Lane

There was a SNAFU at Vancouver Daily Photo Blog (by Wayne) HQ yesterday.
Normally, I'd try to blame another member of the staff but, of course, I'm the staff.

Usually I put this all together sitting in my easy chair with my laptop on my......lap. I ran out of battery power so I moved to the desk and promptly turned into a klutz. Make that a bigger klutz. Anyway, I deleted the post but not before Reader snapped it up. That happens really fast doesn't it.

Now for today's lesson. Vancouver has a pilot project under way to introduce country lanes. The idea is that instead of ground water running off asphalt into the storm drains and out into the blue Pacific, which is not so good, it percolates into the soil which is really good. This lane was the first transformation. We now have three in various neighbourhoods. 


Laurie Allee said...

ANother reason Vancouver is such a livable, progressive city.

Great photo! I love the angles.

Gerald (SK14) said...

that is a very interesting concept