Wednesday 4 March 2015

Gently Driven

It's pure speculation of course, but when I see an immaculate car like this I assume it's a one-owner.
GM churned out similar models for a few years, I don't know the exact year but's it's 1994-ish.


Taken For Granted said...

Think this car is older than you guessed. It may be an Oldsmobile Cutless Ciera from the 1980s. Perhaps 1986 or 87. You may be right about it being a one owner car, or at least in one family.

Bob Crowe said...

I recognize the model, too. Love the luggage or whatever rack on the trunk hood. Probably never used.

roamingpursuits said...

Lovely 'vintage' shot.

RedPat said...

My Mum had the same car - even had the luggage rack at the back.