Wednesday 18 February 2015


According to the development app. all the houses on the north side of the 500 blk. King Ed will go.
Except this one, it will be surrounded by townhouses.
I'm reserving judgement until we see what the final result looks like.


Stefan Jansson said...

What style is that house built in?

Stephanie said...

Oh I am so happy it is being saved. Loved this house every we used to pass by in the car. I would be curious what type of designs they will be using to compliment this house style.

Wayne said...

Stefan, it's modelled on an English thatched cottage.

Stephanie, some info on the development here:

Bob Crowe said...

Hard to imagine how new construction can fit this. If he's not already there, Bilbo Baggins should move in.

Stephanie said...

Thanks Wayne! I have bookmarked the site for later viewing.