Friday 10 October 2014

Light Load

Forever the bus to Nanaimo drove on to the ferry and took passengers right to the bus station.
Now I gather passengers are dropped at Horseshoe Bay and met by a bus on the other side.
Apparently it cost almost $800 to take a bus on the ferry and it's no longer feasible as a business model.
Typical of B.C Ferries it acts as if it doesn't have any competition.
 Because it doesn't have any competition.


Stephanie said...

It sure makes us think how much luggage to lug around with all these transfers. It would be easier to take the small planes to Vancouver and back.

Wayne said...

The last time I came back from Victoria I flew and I'd do it again. I like the ferry ride, it's getting to and from the ferries that I don't like. :-)

Bob Crowe said...

Yes, but BC and Washington have a unique and large ferry system, getting people where they need to go across the waters. We took the Nanaimo ferry once.

Lynne with an e said...

Might just as well take public transit to the ferry terminal and into the city as it's cheaper and just as inconvenient.