Sunday 24 August 2014


Sunday Feature ~ Another Place, Another Time
Once I realize I'm running low on scans for this Sunday nonsense I have to scramble to find more stuff.
My lack of enthusiasm for the whole procedure probably shows. But still we soldier on.
In 1999 I heard that Tom Waits would be taking his Mule Variations Tour to the Wiltern Theatre in L.A.
I decided I'd try to get tickets and by some fluke I got them. All three nights sold out in 30 minutes.
The kicker is, he later announced he'd be bringing the tour to Vancouver.
I got to see that show too. A friend with connections gave me tickets.


TheChieftess said...

I recognized that building right off!!! I've never been to a performance there though I've been by numerous times!!!

Bob Crowe said...

I like the dated color look but LA? Where's the traffic?

Stephanie said...

Neat old building. I love Tom Waits music.