Sunday 29 December 2013


Sunday Feature - Another Place, Another Time
I took this shot of the Chicago Main Library in the dead of Winter 2010.
I'd first seen the building when it was new, it's 20 years old now.
It is generally not regarded kindly by the architecture critics.
I happen to think it's wonderful in a 'too incredible to be believed' sort of way.
It certainly has a solid permanence about it.

Architects: Hammond, Beeby and Babka
Completed: 1991


Revrunner said...

Does kind of look like it belongs in a Batman movie. :-)

Bob Crowe said...

It's completely over the top, of course, but compare this building to the cerebral elegance of the Seattle Public Library. I think each fits its city.

Wayne said...

Funny you should mention Seattle Bob. I was just down there a week or so ago. Try as I might to like it the Seattle Library is a tough nut to crack. :-)

Taken For Granted said...

The Chicago Public Library building was a decision made by a committee. They like the Romanesque Arches used in so many other historic Chicago buildings. The roof is unreal.