Monday 28 October 2013

London Walks

I've been in London for about 6 hours at the time I put this post together.
Past experience suggests I'm quite jet-lagged but I got out for a 2 hour walk after dark.
Here are some of the shots handheld I managed to get.






Revrunner said...

These are really all wonderful photographs. I can see you've been inspired! On the other hand, I'm still recovering from paying a 70-pound taxi fare from Heathrow to Westminster Abbey on my last visit.

Unknown said...


I've never been to London and I'm not sure I would ever make it there so keep your photos coming.

Too many people for me but I notice they must have all left town when you arrived

Riding the Wet Coast

Anonymous said...

Envy. Where are you staying?

Wayne said...

RR, It's rare that I take a taxi here.

Bob, weren't you paying attention when I laid out my 'tourist avoidance' strategy several weeks back? :-)

KB, I'm staying at the west end of Oxford Street.

RedPat said...

Looking forward to more! These are all great.

hamilton said...

It's hard to let jet lag take over when you are in such a great place. That can wait for the return home!

Mystic Meandering said...

A wonderful "snapshot" of London! I've never been, and can hardly wait for the rest of the tour! :)

TheChieftess said...

Each shot "speaks" of London!!!